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Here is a brief outline of our terms and conditions when registering a pupil with K2 Dance Academy. The full terms and conditions are in your welcome pack or available on request from a member of staff.


Parent/carers are asked to complete a K2 Dance Academy annual registration form upon starting lessons and pay the appropriate registration fee within 3 weeks of the pupils starting lessons.


All lesson fees are payable a term in advance after the first term with the Academy. An invoice will be issued by email to each pupil stating the fees due. Any fees not paid by the due date on your invoice will automatically have a £5.00 administration fee for late payment added to the next terms invoice.

2 weeks paid notice is required if leaving the any lessons.

All fees are reviewed annually in September.

K2 Dance Academy is committed to:

  • Providing high quality teaching following syllabi set by the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA).
  • Providing a learning experience for each pupil which is appropriate for his/her ability level and goals
  • As far as is possible in a class situation, providing equal learning opportunities for all students
  • Defining realistic goals for each student
  • Preparing and entering students for examinations, where the student wishes to and the school believes it is appropriate to their learning development
  • Providing a safe and healthy environment for dance
  • Providing students and their parents with a report on the student’s progress (usually verbal)
  • Responding positively to requests by students or their parents for a discussion about any aspect of the students training by making an appointment as soon as possible.

Student and Parent Commitment:

In order for you to get the most out of dancing a certain amount of commitment is required, not just from students, but parents too.
Each student is expected to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Attend all classes to which they have committed,
  • Being prepared 10 minutes before your lesson time to begin the class at the scheduled time
  • Make sure that they are properly clothed and equipped for each class
  • Set themselves high standards to achieve the best of their ability
  • Respect other students, parents, teachers and other people they work with in class or meet at dancing
  • Behave appropriately in class and in the changing rooms or areas
  • Not disrupt their own or other students learning

As parents /carer we ask that you:

  • Support your son/daughter in their studies
  • Support the Academy in encouraging high standards of dancing, learning and behaviour
  • Ensure your child attends classes regularly and promptly and honour their commitment
  • Pay all fees due by the dates requested
  • Give a minimum of 2 weeks paid notice if a pupil is leaving a class or the Academy.
  • Support teacher decisions with regards to pupils progress, examinations and class selection.
  • Show respect and support to all members of the Academy

This makes dancing fun and enjoyable for all who participate.


Please see our website for full uniform details. Hair must be tied back off the face for all lessons. Due to the nature of dancing there are some basic requirements that need to be met in terms of footwear and clothing. We aim to keep things simple and our uniform conforms to the regulations set out by the IDTA for dancewear.
We understand that these items do cost money, and suggest you wait until your child is sure dancing is for them before buying all clothing, some footwear, including tap and ballet shoes, will be necessary as soon as possible.

Cheerleading leotards and skirts, K2 Dance Academy hoodies, joggers, T-shirts and bags are only available directly from the Academy. All other uniform can be ordered via the uniform website at very competitive prices.


Pupils are asked to arrive at the venue 10-15 minutes before their class start time in order to be prepared to enter the room ready to dance at their class start time.

Pupils who arrive late for class may be asked to sit out and observe for health and safety reasons

Class Organisation:

Beginner’s classes are mainly arranged by age, but in some cases children may progress more quickly than others. Where an older child wishes to learn to dance, they will be placed in a class where the majority of the children are of a similar age, or may, if possible, be offered private lessons to help them advance to the appropriate standard as quickly as possible. We will always advise you on what we believe is the best for your child when it comes to class placements.
Classes are available for children from the term in which they turn 3 years of age independently of Parents/ Carers. However there is an expectation that the child will participate in the class confidently and independently.

To assess a young child’s ability to work independently from their parent/carer the child must:

  • Be able to listen and respond appropriately to instructions
  • Not run around when instructed to sit or stand
  • Not become distressed when coming into class on their own.

Young children do have a tendency to lose concentration quickly. As teachers we are aware of this and do make allowances. However some children may meet the age requirements, but not be able to understand the instructions they are being given, or become distressed when parting from their parent, and this can disrupt the class. If this is the case we would ask that you return in a couple of months to try again. Please don’t be embarrassed if we suggest this, we want your child to have an enjoyable experience of dancing, and a few months may make all the difference

Pupils under the age of 3 must have a parent or career on site at all times.

Classes are structured on a progressive system with pupils moving in to the next class after a successful grade examination or at the teacher’s discretion.

Use of Mobile Phones, Tablets & Electronic Equipment:

Pupils are not permitted to bring mobile phones etc into class unless specifically arranged with the class teacher.
Teachers may use phones, tablets etc for music, to record pupil performances or other tasks as needed.

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