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Whether you are looking to continue recent training, revive childhood skills or try something new, we will have an Adult Dance class to suit you.

You don’t need any special clothing to give the classes a go but the appropriate dance shoes will improve your dance experience and you should look to get these as soon as possible, but they are not essential to give the classes a try. Clothing you can move freely and feel comfortable in is best and ideally not too long so your feet can be seen.

The classes change each week, we work on building up technique and try to add something new each week.


Tap is rhythm. Using your feet can produce amazing sound combinations and lead to a fantastic Tap dance. Building up the strength in your legs and ankles leading to making sound you never thought possible.  If you love to tap your feet to music give it a try!  K2 Dance Academy Adult Tap classes are lead by Miss Kara or Amy T and are available at Basics, Improvers, Intermediate or Advanced level.


A great class for building strength and toning muscles, our Adult Ballet classes are aimed at either beginners or those who have lapsed in their skills or intermediate classes for dancers with some previous experience of Ballet dance. Working on building up a repertoire of steps to produce routines for everyone. It’s never too late to fill those childhood dreams of learning ballet. K2 Dance Academy Adult Ballet classes are available at complete Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level and a Pointe Work class for students invited to join.

We have a level of class suitable for everyone:

Level 1:  For complete beginners looking to try something new

Level 2: For those who have mastered the Basics and need a little more challenge

Intermediate: For those with a good understanding of the style of dance and the technical terminology and who have experience in previous classes.

Advanced: For dancers with a solid technical understanding and extensive vocabulary of the style, fast paced classes for those looking for a challenge.

If you are unsure which class would be right for you please get in touch and we will advise you on where to start.

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