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Our last exams took place on 28 & 29th November 2021 and the following results have been received from the IDTA.

Rosette exams are marked as Unsuccessful or Pass

Classwork Assessment are marked : Unsuccessful, Pass, Pass Plus or Commended

Graded exams are marked as:  Unsuccessful 0 – 64, Pass 65-74, Merit 75 – 84 or Distinction 85 – 100
Medal test Exams are marked: Unsuccessful 0 – 64, Pass 65-74, Commended 75 – 79, Highly Commended 80- 84 or Honours 85 – 100
NameExaminationGrade Mark
Denham, SBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Howlett, ABallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Senior, MBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Tate, EBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Birks, EBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Bond, SBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Cooper, MBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Dibley, HBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Dixon, MBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Furber, ABallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Gay, EBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Greaves, MBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Howard, RBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Hughes, GBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Kerr, BBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
King, EBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Kirkwood, ABallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Loffhagen, CBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Mahal, MBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Manders, PBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Martin, EBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Morgan, KBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Pavey, ABallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Preston, EBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Rea, LBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Robinson, JBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Saville, RBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Terry, FBallet Rosette AwardPassN/A
Chiou, MBronze Tap Highly Commended82
Dashwood, IBronze Tap Highly Commended82
Crampton, NCheer Rosette Award PassN/A
Harrison, ACheer Rosette Award PassN/A
McEwan, ECheer Rosette Award PassN/A
Rose, PCheer Rosette Award PassN/A
Silverman, ACheer Rosette Award PassN/A
Thomas, ACheer Rosette Award PassN/A
Wood, F Cheer Rosette Award PassN/A
Benton, DCheer Rosette Award PassN/A
Morales, L Cheer Rosette Award PassN/A
Elkin, AGrade 1 Theatre CraftAwaiting results
Johnson, FGrade 1 Theatre CraftAwaiting results
McEwan, FGrade 1 Theatre CraftAwaiting results
Moffat, IGrade 1 Theatre CraftAwaiting results
Norris, IGrade 1 Theatre CraftAwaiting results
Anderton, EGrade 2 BalletMerit81
Chillman, FGrade 2 BalletDistinction 87
Chiou, MGrade 2 BalletMerit80
Gibson-Smith, MGrade 2 BalletPass70
Handbury, PGrade 2 BalletPass70
Harding, LGrade 2 BalletMerit83
Hudson, AGrade 2 BalletDistinction 86
Shaw, JGrade 2 BalletPass73
Taylor, PGrade 2 BalletMerit76
Taylor,EGrade 2 BalletDistinction 86
Anderson, KGrade 3 Ballet Merit80
Keen, MGrade 3 Ballet Distinction 86
Stephen, MGrade 3 Ballet Merit81
Bashford-Squires, DGrade 5 Theatre Craft Pass73
Blackman-Beresford, OGrade 5 Theatre Craft Distinction 85
Brazener, IGrade 5 Theatre Craft Merit75
Keen, HGrade 5 Theatre Craft Distinction 86
Stanbrook, RGrade 5 Theatre Craft Distinction 85
Bennett, G Level 3 Ballet Distinction 86
Lowe, A Level 3 Ballet Distinction 87
Blakemore, IPreparatory Ballet Merit78
Chiou, APreparatory Ballet Distinction 85
Crampton, NPreparatory Ballet Distinction 85
Dearden, TPreparatory Ballet Distinction 87
Denham, FPreparatory Ballet Distinction 85
Gough, HPreparatory Ballet Merit83
Grant, GPreparatory Ballet Merit83
Moffat, EPreparatory Ballet Merit83
Morales, L Preparatory Ballet Distinction 85
Norris, MPreparatory Ballet Merit75
Pastourel, HPreparatory Ballet Distinction 85
Peaurt, GPreparatory Ballet Merit83
Tattersall, LPreparatory Ballet Merit80
Thomas, APreparatory Ballet Merit80
Vasey- Walsh, JPreparatory Ballet Merit82
Palmer, M Preparatory Contemporary JazzDistinction 86
Choiu, M Preparatory Contemporary JazzDistinction 85
Gough, L Preparatory Contemporary JazzMerit82
Taylor, EPreparatory Contemporary JazzDistinction 85
Taylor, P Preparatory Contemporary JazzMerit 83
Hopper, EPrimary Ballet Merit75
Humphries, APrimary Ballet Merit 83
Benton, DPrimary Ballet AssesmentPass PlusN/A
Golus, IPrimary Ballet AssesmentCommended N/A
Martin, EPrimary Ballet AssesmentCommended N/A
Preston, APrimary Ballet AssesmentCommended N/A
Tate, APrimary Ballet AssesmentPass PlusN/A
Blackman-Beresford, OStreet Dance Bronze Team AwardHighly Commended89
Eyers,NStreet Dance Bronze Team AwardHighly Commended89
Holmes, JStreet Dance Bronze Team AwardHighly Commended89
Edwards, CStreet Dance One Dance Test Commended 80
Forster, SStreet Dance One Dance Test Highly Commended85
Ridley, CStreet Dance One Dance Test Commended 80
Gough,H Tap RosettePassN/A
Chiou, ATap RosettePassN/A
Denham, FTap RosettePassN/A
Silverman,ATap RosettePassN/A
Crampton, NTap RosettePassN/A
Harrison, ATap RosettePassN/A
Hebbs, STap Silver Medal Honnours88
Morgan, I Tap Silver Medal Honnours88
Maltby, ETap Silver Medal Honnours88
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